Offspring at Frettwork

Aachen, 18th October 2017 – Offspring arrived at the recruitment agency Frettwork network GmbH.

On 9th October 2017, Eda Sarikurt started her vocational education as a commercial assistant. To accomodate the companies’ explosive growth, Frettwork invests in fostering young talent.

“As a recruitment agency, we are aware of the tense job market conditions, especially in Aachen”, explains manager Barbara Frett. “Since the company was founded, supporting our own offspring is a main focus because we attach great value to long-term sustainable personnel management. Currently, we have two trainees in the commercial area and in 2018 a third training position will open.”

Next to youth-training, Barbara Frett focusses on strategic development and continued growth of employees. To this aim, her executive employee Tom Lankes is preparing himself for the IHK trainer course exam.

Starting December 2017, the training programme at Frettwork will be under his supervision.

“I’m proud to take my examination in workplace pedagogy and to supervise the training programme at Frettwork. The company is merely two-and-a-half years old and continues to grow in a very dynamic market. From an early stage, our trainees roll up their sleeves and are involved in our projects. The often described ‘hands-on mentality’ is part of our daily activities.”

By employing Eda Sarikurt the Frettwork team expanded to eight people.