Opportunities for the youth

Aachen, 30th June 2016 – In times when specialists and training places fall short, it’s important to offer youth a safe future, hence Frettwork takes the responsibility as an employer and will start training in 2016.

“I always took particular interest in initial vocational education. We need to give young people the opportunity to integrate themselves into the community”, says Barbara Frett, founder and manager of Frettwork network GmbH. “Trainees start contributing to the company from an early stage. We should make use of these talents and foster them by providing vocational training.”

Thus, Barbara Frett followed her personal guiding principles and accepted the first trainee in office management. Starting this year, he will start his vocational qualification in office management in which he will work on sophisticated office and business processes. This in 2014 implemented apprenticeship unifies the three formerly profiles “commercial clerk”, “office clerk” and “office communication assistant” under a new job description.

This combination allows for a clearly structured and modern sector-specific offer. Through this extensive offer, the trainee is provided with the ideal circumstances to work independently while forming a good base for his professional future.